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Here at Man Reborn we offer a range of products specifically targeted at men, including mens moisturisers, concealer for men, mens anti-ageing products, foundation for men and make up for men. We know that looking good and feeling good is important to you, that's why all products we retail are carefully selected by our team at Man Reborn so that you can trust the products you buy and shop with confidence. We ship to over 40 countries and if your based in the UK we offer guaranteed next day for when you need something super quickly.

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 This month our 'Brand of the Month' is Bulldog Natural Skincare. We love this brand due to all the goodness all there products are packed with and there superior quality. The Bulldog Original Moisturiser is one of our favourites as it always leaves your skin feeling extra hydrated and if you have sensitive skin then that's no problem as Bulldog Natural Skincare offer the same hydration with there Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser. If you happen to suffer from dark circles underneath you eyes or are planning a late night before work the next day then the Bulldog Eye Roll On is perfect to disguise those dark circles. Just roll it on and soon enough those dark circles will reduced.


Concealer for Men

Concealer for men has long been a debatable topic witha stigma being attached to not only mens concealer but general make up for men. However times are changing and they are changing FAST! Concealer for men is now becoming a norm for men not only in the UK but world wide with more men spending money on mens concealer and mens make up to make to make sure they are always looking there best and covering blemished.
At Man Reborn we carefully select our products to give you confidence in your purchases. We currently stock 3 concealer brands: Menaji, Recipe for Men and Myego. Depending on your needs, your skin tone and your personal preference you'll find a concealer for men that will suit you perfectly.
The Recipe for Men Concealer comes in three shades from a lighter skin tone all the way to a slightly bronze tone. Its a liquid mens concealer and very easy to use. The Myego Cover Select concealer is also a liquid concealer and comes in one special shade that suits most skin tones. Finally the Menaji Camo Concealer is a stick mens concealer and is available in shades from light all the way to dark so you can easily match it to your skin colour. Which ever brand you pick we are sure you'll be happy as they are excellent in covering small blemishes, scars, spots and under eye dark circles to name a few.