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Concealer For Men : A How to Use Guide

The number one question we get asked by our customers is 'how exactly do i use my mens concealer?'. As concealer for men is one of our best selling product ranges with more and more men trying it out every week it makes sense why most questions asked are about concealer.X
January 02, 2014

Myego arrives at Man Reborn

We have great news for any Myego brand lovers out there. Man Reborn is now an official stockist of the Myego brand including the awesome Myego Cover Select Mens Concealer and the Myego Matifiant range. So if you’re a fan of Myego you can now get yours at Man Reborn. If you haven’t tried the Myego brand before we recommend giving it a try, we know you wont be disappointed!

The Myego Cover Select Mens Concealer comes in a unique shade that is suitable for most skin types. It’s a liquid concealer and comes in a very subtly designed package so is great to take out with you when needed.

The Myego Matifiant is available in both a Light and Medium shade and is great for combating shiny skin, absorbing quickly and giving you that desired matte look.

We’ll be adding more of the Myego range shortly so keep checking back!

October 25, 2013

Using Men’s Concealer: Top 10 Tips - Part 2

So last week we gave you our first 5 top tips for men using concealers. Now for the final top 5 tips to complete the set...


Tip No 6 – Think about the future. Is it going to be very hot next week? Are you going away on holiday and planning on getting a tan? Make sure you get the shade that’s right for you now and for the near future, as your skin gets darker.
May 30, 2013

Using Men’s Concealer: Top 10 Tips - Part 1

So its not a hidden secret… Guys use concealer, and why not? We like to look sharp, we like to feel good and just like the ladies we sometimes get blemishes on our face like spots and scars.  

But how does a man go ahead and use these products properly…

May 25, 2013

Need advice? Talk to our team!

We know that sometimes when your browsing online you may need a little help or advice. Like when:

 - You don't quite know what product best suits your need


- Your not sure if your a Menaji skin tone light or bronze?

May 05, 2013

Review system now live

We want to hear what your experiences are on any of our mens grooming, mens styling and mens cosmetic products here at Man Reborn. Thats why we've made some big upgrades to our site to allow you to review each and every product you purchase.

April 30, 2013

Menaji Anti Shine now back in stock

The Menaji Anti Shine Light and the Menaji Anti Shine Medium range are now back in stock and available to purchase through our website once again!

April 05, 2013

New Menaji Stock Arriving

To all of our Menaji brand lovers... The Menaji Anti Shine range has been flying out of our warehouse over the recent months and for the past couple of weeks we've been completely sold out - specifically the Menaji Anti Shine Light and Medium ranges. 

Well theirs some good news for our customers who've been waiting patiently to get there next fix... 

March 25, 2013

Lots of news & gossip coming soon!

From next week we'll be launching our new blog were we will keep you up to date with new product launches, the latest product reviews, product guides and general gossip from the male grooming industry.

March 22, 2013