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Using Men’s Concealer: Top 10 Tips - Part 1

So its not a hidden secret… Guys use concealer, and why not? We like to look sharp, we like to feel good and just like the ladies we sometimes get blemishes on our face like spots and scars.

But how does a man go ahead and use these products…

Well this blog post, part of a two-part topic is about giving you a few tips on using men’s concealer in a way to get the most out of your product and use it correctly. We have put together our top 10 tips for using men’s concealer in normal guy language with no fancy jargon so any man can understand it!.

Below is the first 5 top tips with the final 5 being posted in a few days! We hope these tips help any men out there who are new to using men’s concealer and want to make sure they use it correctly.

Tip No1 – Clean your face beforehand and make sure it’s completely dry. Applying concealer to a wet face is a big no-no and a dirty face isn’t much better. You wouldn’t paint a picture on a dirt stained canvas!

Tip No2 – Don’t apply the concealer onto your face using the concealer stick itself. This will nearly always lead to applying too much and to it not looking natural.

Tip No 3 – Always apply the concealer onto a finger first, followed then by gently putting a few dots onto the area you want to conceal. This assures you don’t go over the top and gives you more control over applying it.

Tip No 4 – If you feel you need more concealer, just put a small amount more onto your finger and apply again to the area of your face your working on. Keep doing this until you get the desired result. There’s no need to wash it off and start again!

Tip No 5 – Don’t rub it in… Tap it in! It’s not a moisturiser guys, it’s a concealer. Its meant to stay on top of your face not rubbed into it! So once you’ve applied it onto the area your concealing, gently tap it with your finger to get the desired results.

Here at Man Reborn we know our customers like to look and feel good and that’s why we have a range of different shades of mens concealer to help you do just that. We have concealer available in 3 shades: Menaji Concealer Light, Menaji Concealer Bronze and Menaji Concealer Medium, each with it’s own colour swatch to help you can pick the most suitable one.

We hope these first five tips have given you some good advice and we promise the next five won’t disappoint.

From the team at Man Reborn

May 25, 2013
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