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Using Men’s Concealer: Top 10 Tips - Part 2

So last week we gave you our first 5 top tips for men using concealers. Now for the final top 5 tips to complete the set...

Tip No 6 – Think about the future. Is it going to be very hot next week? Are you going away on holiday and planning on getting a tan? Make sure you get the shade that’s right for you now and for the near future, as your skin gets darker.

Tip No 7 – If you can’t find an exact concealer shade match then always go for a shade lighter. If it’s too much lighter then it wont blend in well but a slight shade lighter will still look natural once you’ve blended it in. Never go for a shade darker or you’ll find it wont blend in with your skin tone at all.

Tip No 8 – Men’s concealer isn’t just for spots! You can use concealer to cover up dark circles under your eyes, small areas of redness, acne, scars and any other small blemishes.

Tip No 9 – You can certainly use a mens moisturiser if you’re using concealer, but make sure you apply the moisturiser first and have rubbed it into your face well. We always recommend waiting just a little while to let your skin soak up the moisturiser before applying a concealer. We at Man Reborn recommend the Bulldog Original Moisturiser to keep your face hydrated throughout the day.

Tip No 10 – Use sparingly! The biggest mistake is going over the top and applying too much. The only result you get from doing this is making the concealer stand out on your face like a sore thumb!

So that’s the end of our top 10 tips for men using concealer. We hope it’s given you some good direction and some useful tips.


Here at Man Reborn we know our customers like to look and feel good and that’s why we have a range of different shades of mens concealer to help you do just that. We have concealer available in 3 shades: Menaji Concealer Light, Menaji Concealer Bronze and Menaji Concealer Medium, each with it’s own colour swatch to help you can pick the most suitable one.

From the team at Man Reborn

May 30, 2013
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